Foothill Farms/North Highlands is a resilient community full of promise and hope. It is also one of seven neighborhoods in Sacramento County affected by: 

  1. Disproportionate African American child deaths
  2. High drop out rates
  3. Teen births
  4. Various types of abuse
  5. Crime
  6. Above average amount of families living below federal poverty level, and in single parent homes
  7. High numbers of youth who live with care givers other than their parents and oftentimes, grandparents are acting care givers.

Impact Sac Collaborative partners consist of trained staff,  youth and community advocates, corporations, and organizations with a mission to ensure the physical, emotional, and educational health and wellness of all children, individuals, and families.


The seven communities where 86% of the preventable deaths of AA children occurred between 1989 and 2009 are: 

 The Impact Sac Collaborative is dedicated to improving the lives of people who live in Foothill Farms, North Highlands, and Sacramento County. By reaching the people group that is loosing their lives at a faster rate than anyone else, we are able to lift the entire community.

In spite of the adversity the communities in North Highlands and Foothill Farms have experienced over the years. The people are resilient and passionate about seeing their neighborhoods restored and their people thriving.  Impact Sac Collaborative exists to empower communities to prosper!