Emotional Health and Safety is a Right, not a Privilege

Impact Sac Collaborative Partners advocate for and empowers youth, families, individuals, and communities to aquire or develop emotional health and safety so they are able to contribute to the positive transformation of their lives and community

Emotional Health and Safety is a combination of : 

  • Being able to identify that a feeling is being felt. 
  • Knowing what the feeling is.
  • and allowing the feelings to be felt without fear of the other persons response.

Danger zones in our lives come when we have not learned or been taught to value or develop our own emotional safety. Childhood trauma, violence, neglect are among many things that prevent entire communities from feeling emotionally safe. 

Our collaborative wants nothing from anyone except for what is best for them.  When someone is in our sphere of influence, they can share needs, thoughts, and opinions even if they are not consistent with others. We model emotional health in everything we do. Our trauma informed engagement methods allow us to work with entire families and neighborhoods to develop universal communication strategies in order to strengthen families and communities.   Emotional health and safety brings about a sense of connection and peace. Impact Sac connects with people and promotes a peaceful atmosphere in order to empower others to develop emotional health and safety in their lives.  Read about Types of Abuse here.