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Committed Partners

Committed partners are individuals with a passion to help others.  

Core Partners

Core Partners are Community Organizations, Athletic Leagues, Social Clubs etc. who provide a direct service to individuals in the community.

  • Core Partners need additional resources from Impact Sac like copies, training, banners, facility use, supplies, food, beverage, finances, t-shirts, etc. to be more efficient/effective in their quest to benefit the community. Impact Sac logo and/or information is branded on all sponsored materials. 

Core Partners encourage their program participants to become Impact Sac Committed Partners, share Impact Sac information and resources with their participants, and take advantage of training opportunities like “Crib for Kids” so they can distribute cribs to their program participants or family.

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners are individuals or organizations who partner directly with Liberty Towers to serve Impact Sac Collaborative Core Partners, Committed Partners and the community.

Corporate Partners are a resource to Liberty Towers and Impact Sac Collaborative that we call on for our own needs as well as the needs of those in the core, committed, and community.

Corporate Partners donate things like finances, food, supplies, clothing, gift cards, knowledge, training and other resources that benefit us, the core, the committed and the community.


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