We have been at the forefront of historical successes for marginalized people groups in Sacramento County since 2010.

What We have Achieved

In 2010, a new method of outreach for Liberty Towers Church called Impact Sac engaged the community and Policy Makers with a goal to discover why multiple achievement gaps existed in the local communities and a mission to solve the problem. We committed ourselves to connecting and empowering marginalized people groups to power and policy so that decision makers could remain positively informed by the people groups their policies affect. Our work is authentically “grassroots” ensuring that even those who are not able to speak, have a voice and seat at table.

  • 2010 Appointed to the Sac County Probation Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) committee to research why youth of color are over represented in juvenile and court systems. In partnership, made and implemented suggestions that resulted in significant reductions in over-representation of marginalized youth.

  • 2011 Reached ‘safe haven’ agreement with local street groups for Liberty Towers Campus to be excluded from territorial wars happening in the neighborhood (allowing safe passage for students).

  • 2012-14 Reduction of African American Child Deaths (RAACD) secured a $10M commitment from Sac County to reduce preventable deaths of African American Children by 10-20% before 2020. Our leaders were at and remain at the forefront of this historical effort.

  • 2012 Lobbied for Foothill Farms community to be successfully added to the seven RAACD communities alongside North Highlands essentially putting the marginalized Foothill Farms community “on the map”.

  • 2016 Joined Twin Rivers Unified School District Early Childhood Education (ECE) Task Force and partnered in Strategic Plan 2017-2022, the blueprint for investing in early childhood education priorities, to ensure that early childhood education is seamlessly integrated into the educational continuum of Twin Rivers. 

  • 2016 Sacramento County announced Impact Sac (Liberty Towers) as Community Incubator Lead for North Highlands and Foothill Farms. $120,000 a year for five years to reduce preventable deaths of AA children by 10-20% before 2020.

  • 2017 Removed barriers to public safety by implementing an indoor walking program targeting seniors and mothers of infants in strollers.

  • 2017 Youth Participatory Action Research project (PAR) complete on violence and solutions to ending it in their community.

  • 2018 Influential Listeners and youth forum launched to continue providing solutions to ending violence in under served communities.

  • 2018 Received Sac County TOT Grant for $13,000 to increase employment skills for unemployed community members.

  • 2018 Received $4,000 Future Forward grant to host a project that mitigates tobacco use among teens.

  • 2019 MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Twin Rivers Unified School District to assist with wraparound service delivery for families at risk.

  • 2019 First Five grant recipient of $5,000 to host workshops for young families.

  • 2019 Partnered with the City of Sacramento to pro-social, violence free events for teens. Teens receive stipends to participate in leadership of Sac Youth Pop Ups.