Committed Partners influence Impact Sac Collaborative Efforts.

Committed Partners are assets to the collaborative. They are individuals from diverse backgrounds who have made a personal commitment to collaborate with us to improve their own lives and the lives of others.  Committed Partners are individuals who may or may not contribute their personal resources to Impact Sacs collaborative effort to empower under-served communities.

Many committed partners are young adults who openly share their institutional knowledge of living life on the margins of society to help other children. Committed Partners attend workshops, presentations, meetings with Community Leaders and serve in their community.  They are using their life story to reach a people group that are chronically non-responsive to opportunities to better their life.


Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson grew up in several Sacramento County communities. This college graduate, double black belt, karate instructor, and full time butcher at a local meat market. Marc makes time to advocate for youth as a special adviser to Impact Sac and the community at large.

Marc spent his early childhood years in Oak Park with his mom and siblings while his dad served a ten year prison sentence. Like many, his mother loved him dearly but lacked the proper support system and resources she needed. Marc was in and out of several homes with many different friends and members of his family. He experienced childhood without the basic essentials like running water and electricity in his home. At the age of 14, he found refuge with family in North Highlands. He enrolled in Karate at the age of 16 and graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA. Shortly after graduating high school, he earned his first black belt and went on to graduate from college with an AA in Exercise Science.  As a child, Marc had a support system that could have prevented some of the trauma in his life but they were unaware of his needs because of two things: 

  1. The positive role models in his life were not educated to spot signs of distress in the life of a marginalized child.
  2. Marc was not empowered as a child with the knowledge of knowing when to ask for help.
  3. Marc's mother lacked a support system that encouraged positive health outcomes for her kids.

When we asked Marc how he was able to accomplish his goals and currently remain consistent in setting new ones, he said that he has always been determined to make a different life for himself than the one that statistics say he should have. He followed up with stating he is equally as determined to use his life experience to make sure that others get opportunities he didn't. 

Sean Walker

Sean grew up in North Highlands/Foothill Farms and was an above average student athlete in high-school until four of his friends were shot and killed within one year. His grades dropped, he quit football, and turned to alcohol and marijuana to mask the pain of loosing his friends.  

It wasn't until 2015, when Sean learned that he was a father to Rosalee and he instantly turned his life around. As Sean began taking making better choices with his life, his lifelong friends began doing the same. Sean is a passionate advocate for improving health outcomes for children. 

Impact Sac reached out to Sean because of his passion and ability to reach youth in the community. He is relevant, has a supportive family, and institutional knowledge of Foothill Farms/North Highlands.  


Alex Buckmaster

Alex grew up in Foothill Farms/North Highlands and was in at least 20 foster homes before he was six years old. He experienced abandonment, rejection, neglect and much more as he bounced from home to home because of behavioral issues. Ultimatly, he was adopted with his five siblings to a loving family comprised of two fathers. As a youth, he rebelled against the positive influences in his life and chose a path of criminal behaviors. He was incarcerated out of state and made the decision to get his high-school diploma and repair the relationship with his father

This past year has been life changing! I went from running a muck, stealing cars, getting locked up multiple times to being an advocate for youth. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Liberty Towers taking me under their wing and listening to me, I would probably be dead or in prison. I love what I do now because I get the chance to save and better lives. Shout out to the youth in Highlands and Foothill!
— Youth Adviser- Alex Buckmaster

Alex is resilient. From jail, he started reaching out to friends and family. He felt a calling in his heart to restore honor to valuable relationships he had subconciously destroyed.   In the last year, Alex has completely turned his life around. He is an eloquent public speaker on behalf of kids like him who fell through the cracks. He advocates for the lives of children and uses his life experiences to suggest strategies to reach those most resistant to change and present them with real alternatives to street violence and criminal activity.