Empowering Voices, Shaping Futures

Our mission is to inspire and empower young individuals to confidently express themselves and pursue their goals.

Impact Sac is located inside of Guide Real Estate at 1610 R St. #280. Guide Real Estate graciously donates office space and allows Impact Sac access to all shared spaces and resources.

Our Goal

ImpactSac focuses on developing the abilities and talents of young individuals. We aim to provide the skills they need to clearly express their desires and goals, creating a community where they can thrive.

Our Vision

We help youth recognize the strength of their voice in order to advocate for themselves and their peers. ImpactSac is a movement where young voices lead the way.

Our Passion

Our passion lies in bridging the gap between influential individuals and the insightful "teen experts" within our communities. By connecting these voices to those with resources and influence, we create a powerful synergy that ignites change and empowers action.

Innovative Programs for Today's Youth

ImpactSac stands at the forefront of youth programming, offering innovative and practical solutions to the challenges faced by young individuals today. Our programs are tailored to foster self-confidence, communication skills, and leadership.


Check Yo Vibe is the mental wellness program of Impact Sac that encourages individuals to be more aware of their own emotional state and those of others. The program started as an 8-week, 40-hour campaign where 50 teens received a $250 stipend for their commitment to learning how to help themselves and others. The phrase and hashtag #checkyovibe was coined to remind participants to always be aware of the vibes they give and receive.

Impact Sac Podcast

The Impact Sac Podcast provides a platform for youth to host their own podcast series using state of the art equipment, professional editing, training, and uploading free of charge. Young people are encouraged and supported in their efforts to interview their peers, influential figures, and professionals in areas that interest them.

Student Voices

Established in 2018, Student Voices was a call to action by young people to be recognized as experts with lived experience in areas that affect teens. The Student Voices experience includes “Recognized Influential Listeners” who are defined by Impact Sac as People whose professional decisions affect the personal lives of young people. Being a recognized Influential Listener means that the individual has demonstrated that they have the resources to listen to young people and enact changes based on what has been communicated.





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